India Observatory

India Observatory

The India Observatory is a collaborative tech initiative that is action-oriented. It aims to demystify and present comprehensive information on India’s social, ecological and economic parameters on a single spatial and temporal platform. India Observatory aims at embedding nature conservation and natural resource management into mainstream thinking on ‘rural development’. It is designed to supplement local level decision making by village communities, Panchayats, NGOs and government officials.

India Observatory has the ‘Data Platform’ at its core, which is built on open source and brings together data on over 1600+ parameters, ranging from village to national level and is, presented in the form of maps, graphs, tables and infographics. It is freely available for civil society organizations, students, government departments and citizens.

India Observatory has also developed a set of unique platforms and tools namely Indian Biodiversity Information System (IBIS), Composite Landscape Assessment and Restoration Tool (CLART), Integrated Forest Management Tool (IFMT), GIS Enabled Entitlement Tracking Tool (GEET), etc. addressing specific issues.

India Observatory is anchored on a belief that sustained collaborative efforts are fundamental for furthering the impact of tools, analytics, data and their widespread implementation. India Observatory invites other organisations and groups to join hands to share data, analytics and tools to enable local communities, NGOs, governments, academicians and researchers for better decision making on ground.

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